Italian food for the
Next Generation

Aunt Jake’s Restaurant, makes pasta fresh daily at at 1555 2nd Ave on NYC’s Upper East Side.

Choose from many different styles of fresh pasta and a variety delicious sauces to create your own combinations, as well as pasta specials, salads, appetizers and non-pasta entrees.

Nick Boccio, Principal, The Project Group, owner/operator of the Mulberry Project and Greenwich Project, and Team, bring you Italian food for the Next Generation.

Founded in 2015, the company set out to replicate the idyllic, simplistic, cuisine we grew up to enjoy. However, we wanted to create Italian food for the “next” generation. The idea was to develop an Italian concept around the customer’s choice on how to eat pasta compared to how the restaurant wanted you to eat it. With that in mind, Aunt Jakes’ core mission is to bring high-quality fresh ingredients daily to craft our handmade pasta and sauces in a health-conscious manner. The customer can mix and match, sauce with shape, and create a custom dish of their own. What’s more, the customer can also choose whether they would like their food served individual or family-style.

Given the forward-thinking of the concept, the founders wanted to tailor the brand’s name around a fictitious character, Aunt Jake. The name neither implies nor suggests a gender, as everyone’s family may have had that one person who was the “master of ceremonies” on special occasions. Therefore, as the menu allows you the freedom to choose what appeals to you, so should the name.